Pre-Purchase Inspection

Do you REALLY Need A Pre Purchase Inspection? You should absolutely take the time to have any previously owned vehicle inspected by an experienced technician!  We have seen many issues arise when this is not done and have also saved perspective buyers many issues.

The following are a few of the many areas that we inspect:

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Fluid Levels and condition
  • Hoses/Belts
  • Radiator


When you have the vehicle inspected before you buy, many areas are inspected and you get the complete picture, literally and figuratively.  We complete a digital vehicle inspection so you really do get the pictures.  This way you have “proof” of what you may need to talk about or use as a bargaining chip in the sale, if the issue is not a deal breaker. Click here to see what a digital vehicle inspection looks like.

We also perform an inspection like this when you come in for vehicle maintenance.  We can email and/or text this report to you so that you and your certified technician are viewing the same information.

Shocks and Struts and Poor Handling

Does your vehicle not handle like it used to? Are your tires wearing too quickly?  Worn shocks and struts could be the cause.  They are what keeps your tires on the road and allows you to safely steer your car in turns and over bumps.  If they are worn your car can have excessive bounce, premature tire wear and an overall poor ride quality.  If you suspect that you have an issue contact our qualified technicians and we will be glad to advise you.  We are offering  a rebate, up to $100, on a prepaid Visa card, on shocks and struts.  Call for details, offer valid March 1-April 30, 2018.

Potholes and Your Car

Potholes are most certainly a nuisense but they can also cause damage to your car.  Your vehicle’s tires, wheels and suspension feel the brunt of hitting those potholes. The force of hitting a pothole can cause tire damage, a tread separation or even a flat tire. The wheel itself can become bent and result in the inability to get an airtight seal with the tire.  Fortunately, these are issues that you should be able to see upon inspecting your vehicle.

Damage to your suspension can also occur causing it to be out of alignment but these are not as easily seen. While you are not able to see this problem, there are warning signs.  If you find that your steering wheel is off center, a vibration while driving, tires wearing unevenly, car pulling to one direction or experience the feeling of loose handling, your car’s alignment needs to be checked.

Obviously, the best offense is to avoid the potholes if you can safely do so, but with the recent weather and the roads being heavily salted that is not easy to do.  If you have any questions give us a call.  We are the experts when it comes to your vehicle, especially your alignment and suspension.  We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated car repair and maintenance facility.  We’ve been around for 64 years and there must be a reason!

Your Car and Healthy Air

Has it been recommended to you that it is time to have your cabin air filter changed?  A cabin air filter helps to filter out pollen and other outside particles that want to enter the interior of your vehicle.  It can become very dirty and even clogged and decreasing the quality of the air that you breathe.Changing the filter can even help you with allergies and asthma. Also, if your engine’s air filter is dirty, your cabin air filter probably is too.  They usually go hand in hand.  Give our certified technicians a call if you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other car maintenance or repair issues. See the video below for more information.

Winter Driving and Your Car

Winter is here again and so are hazardous driving conditions.  Single digit temperatures and precipitation make for slippery roads to deal with.  If you happen to be caught in the unfortunate situation of having to make your way in icy conditions please drive slowly and keep your distance.  If you would lose control and slide into a curb and notice even a slight difference in the way your vehicle handles, it may have incurred damage.  If you notice that the steering wheel position changed or a vibration has started, these are signs that something in the suspension or steering could be bent.  For 64 years we have dealt with these situations.  We can get your vehicle back on the road and handling like nothing ever happened!

Low Tire Pressure and Cold Weather

Is this your view for today? Is your Tire Pressure Monitor System light on?  Outside temperatures affect the amount of air in your tires.  The pressure drops 1-2 degrees for every 10 degree drop in the temperature.

Your tire pressure, or PSI, should be checked on a monthly basis, in addition to when there are a big swings in the temperatures.  The correct amount of air for your tires can be found in the door jam and/or your owners manual.

If you have any questions or we can be of any service to you, experienced technicians are here to help.

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter

If the weather forecasts are right, then Monday morning was a preview of what is coming! It is time to be sure that your vehicle is ready for winter. Give us a call at Framerite Auto Repair and let our certified mechanics give you piece of mind for the winter. With the holidays quickly approaching you will have one more thing off your to do list! We will inspect your vehicle and text or email you a copy of our courtesy digital vehicle inspection. This way you are able to see where your vehicle is prepared for winter and where it is not. Following are a few of the many areas that we inspect:

Fluid Levels and condition

Give our experienced technicians a call and take one of the many things on your to do list taken care of. #carmaintenance #winterizemycar #carrepair

Uneven Tire Wear

Are your tires wearing in an unusual way?  Your tires can be wearing out for many different reasons.  You may need an alignment, your tires may be over or under inflated, or you may have a strut/suspension issue.  The best course of action is to have an experienced technician evaluate your tires and vehicle.  Our technicians are always happy to help you care for your vehicle.

TIP:  Check your tire pressures when the weather changes.  Hot or cold temps affect the pressures in your tires.