Pre-Purchase Inspection

Do you REALLY Need A Pre Purchase Inspection? You should absolutely take the time to have any previously owned vehicle inspected by an experienced technician!  We have seen many issues arise when this is not done and have also saved perspective buyers many issues.

The following are a few of the many areas that we inspect:

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Fluid Levels and condition
  • Hoses/Belts
  • Radiator


When you have the vehicle inspected before you buy, many areas are inspected and you get the complete picture, literally and figuratively.  We complete a digital vehicle inspection so you really do get the pictures.  This way you have “proof” of what you may need to talk about or use as a bargaining chip in the sale, if the issue is not a deal breaker. Click here to see what a digital vehicle inspection looks like.

We also perform an inspection like this when you come in for vehicle maintenance.  We can email and/or text this report to you so that you and your certified technician are viewing the same information.

Your Car and a Pothole

“Why is my car not driving right after hitting a pothole?” When you hit a pothole and notice a difference in the way your vehicle is handling you probably knocked your car out of alignment. Is the steering now off center, is there a vibration, does the car now pull to one side, or are you wearing tires at an alarming rate? These are all signs that something is wrong with the alignment. Here at Framerite Automotive Service we have been taking care of these issues since 1954. We are the experts at getting your vehicle to drive right again. Give us a call so we can take care of you!

“Why Did I Have a Hard Time Driving In The Snow?”

Why did I have a hard time driving in the snow? If your tires look like the included picture that is probably why. Without tread the tires do not have anything to grip with in the snow and slush of winter driving. When you see to wear bars even with the the tread bars the useful life of the tire is over. In the rain a tire in this condition can actually hydro-plane as the sipes that squeeze water out are now missing. Here at Framerite Auto Repair we can replace your tires and align the suspension for the best handling and tire wear.

Can My Rusted Toyota Frame Be Repaired?

Can my rusted Toyota frame be repaired? In most cases yes. The common rust out areas on Tacoma’s and 4-Runners can usually be repaired by installing repair kits that until recently became available in the aftermarket. Performing these repairs will bring the vehicle back to service safely when prevoiusly it would be headed for the junk yard. The preparation for the installation of the caps is quite extensive. All rusted out areas are cut out and the remaining metal is resurfaced to be treated with rust inhibitor and and painted. Though the cap kits are good they require some work as to creating the holes for brackets and side steps to be bolted back in place. All in all the finished product is very nice when complete. If you have any issue with your rusted Toyota frame bring it to us for advice on what can be done!

“When Do I Need To Change My Battery?”

That’s a good question for Baltimore drivers. All batteries wear out and need to be replaced – but some are replaced before their time.

If your battery is dying and you need a jump-start, it could very well be that you have a bad battery. But Baltimore drivers should have Frame Rite Automotive Service test the battery first to see if it’s actually bad. The problem could be parasitic drain or a bad alternator that’s not properly charging your battery.

And Baltimore drivers in this situation also need to have their service advisor check their alternator and have it tested. A surprisingly high percentage of “bad” alternators brought into Frame Rite Automotive Service in Baltimore are actually just fine: the problem is a worn serpentine belt and/or belt tensioner. If the belt is slipping, it’s not spinning the alternator properly so it can’t fully charge the battery.

Batteries last longer in colder climates and wear out faster in warmer MD climates. We want to remind Baltimore drivers that, on average, 70% of batteries fail within four years. Many MD automotive experts recommend replacing your battery every five years. This will reduce the chances of being stranded on a local street with a dead battery as well as prevent undue wear on your alternator.

The good news is that your battery is tested EVERY time you come in for an oil change.  This is one way that we give you the confidence in the reliability of your vehicle!  If your vehicle does need a new battery there is a rebate being offered for up to $25, in the form of a pre-paid visa card on qualifying NAPA batteries.

What Is The Right Way to Repair My Tire?

What is the right way to repair my tire?  For years repairing a tire took only a few minutes to determine where the source of the leak was and installing a plug into the tread. The problem with this procedure is the inside of the tire is not inspected for damage. As you can see in the picture, the inside of this tire has ground up pieces of rubber from being driven on flat. This tire was repaired with a plug but the structural integrity of the tire has been compromised. The correct repair in this situation is replacement of the tire. Removing the tire from the wheel would have revealed the damage. A tire that has not been damaged and the puncture is not too large and in between the outer tread bars would require a patch plug repair on the inside. After the repair, balancing the tire finishes the the job. Repairing a tire the correct way is the only safe solution and the way we at Framerite Auto Repair do it!

Shocks and Struts

“Do I need to replace my shocks and struts?” We hear this question a lot at Framerite Auto Repair.  There are several ways that your car can tell you.  First, are your tires wearing prematurely?  Do you have excessive bouncing when going over bumps? You may feel like your front end dips when you stop. In general, worn shocks and struts make your vehicle more difficult to handle and just not as comfortable of a ride as before.  Replacing them can restore your vehicle handling to like new conditions.  Give our experienced and certified technicians a call and set up a time when you can have your questions answered, your shocks and struts replaced if needed and get up to $160 rebate.