Pre-Purchase Inspection

Do you REALLY Need A Pre Purchase Inspection? You should absolutely take the time to have any previously owned vehicle inspected by an experienced technician!  We have seen many issues arise when this is not done and have also saved perspective buyers many issues.

The following are a few of the many areas that we inspect:

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Fluid Levels and condition
  • Hoses/Belts
  • Radiator


When you have the vehicle inspected before you buy, many areas are inspected and you get the complete picture, literally and figuratively.  We complete a digital vehicle inspection so you really do get the pictures.  This way you have “proof” of what you may need to talk about or use as a bargaining chip in the sale, if the issue is not a deal breaker. Click here to see what a digital vehicle inspection looks like.

We also perform an inspection like this when you come in for vehicle maintenance.  We can email and/or text this report to you so that you and your certified technician are viewing the same information.

“Do I have to go to the dealer for air conditioner work if I have a newer car?”  We hear this question a lot and the short answer is, no.  Cars that were built for 2015 and newer utilize a new type of refrigerant, called R1234YF.  This new refrigerant requires a new machine to recover, recycle and recharge your air conditioner.  We value our customers’ time and try to make things as easy and convenient as possible.  This is why we obtained the new machine for the R1234YF.  So no matter the refrigerant your vehicle requires, R134 or R1234YF, our certified mechanics are able to get the cool air flowing again! Give us a call and reserve your time and have your AC inspected.

Car Maintenance Saves You Money In the Long Run

We had a Acura TL in  to check out for a subframe needing to be welded. What we found was the left front lower control arm forward bushing had separated from the rubber allowing the control arm to rub against the subframe. Unfortunately the metal to metal contact has occured for so long the subframe area is now paper thin. The damage has been done, the subframe now requires replacement. If the bushing separation had been spotted years ago the costs would have been minimal but now it will take one or two thousand dollars to repair. Having your vehicle serviced by a certified technician may cost a little more in the short run but could save you a lot in the long run.

Clutch Replacement

“How do I know if I need the clutch replaced on my vehicle?”  Usually the first indication you need your clutch replaced is a lack of power in higher gears. Some times a clutch will chatter when it is applied which is another reason for replacement.  When the transmission is removed to access the clutch & pressure plate, the flywheel needs to be examined for heat damage and or cracking from overheating due to the slipping. Generally resurfacing the flywheel surface is all that needs to be done. On rare occasions the damage is so severe, replacement of the flywheel is the only remedy.  Gaining access to the transmission can be simple or as involved as removing the entire cross member while supporting the engine. Usually a front end alignment is required after re-assembly. Here at Framerite Automotive Service our professional technicians can take care of your vehicle!

Road Trip and Your Car

Are you planning a road trip for the Memorial Day Weekend?  Have you thought about making sure that your car is ready to go when you are? Your car should be inspected before taking a trip to ensure that you arrive safely and without unexpected delays and bills.  Generally speaking all your fluids should be inspected and topped off, your tires should be checked for condition and the correct amount of air pressure, and your battery should be checked as well.  One tip is to also check the condition and the amount of air pressure in your spare.  They are often neglected but are very important if the need arises. Your air filter should be changed if not done recently.  Your oil level should at least be checked and have your oil and filter changed, if  due.  Check all your lights and wipers to be sure they are working properly.  Your brakes should be checked, as well as your suspension parts. Let’s not forget your air conditioner; you definitely want to be cool while traveling. This rain is going to stop…eventually, and the temperature will heat up! You should also be sure to have a first aid kit packed as well as equipment in the event you would become disabled.  This list is not meant to be all inclusive, but it does give you some things to consider.

Our technicians can take a big load off your “to do” list by taking care of your pre-trip inspection for you.  Give us a call to make an appointment, sooner rather than later, as we get closer to the end of the week things tend to get even busier. This allows you more time to pack and actually arrive at your destination sooner.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill My Air Conditioner with Freon?

How much does it cost to fill my car air conditioner with freon? Several factors come into play when determining price. First it must be determined how much freon, if any, is left in the system. If the system is just a little low and no leak can be found a small recharge may be all that is needed. If however the system is very low adding freon with large amount of air will not produce cold air. In these cases evacuating and recharging the system, while adding leak detection dye to find out how the freon escaped is in order. In all cases, thoroughly searching for the leak is a priority. Our technicians can get you back to driving comfortably in the summer heat.

“Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?”

Why is my car air conditioner blowing hot air? With Spring finally here so are higher temperatures. When we want a little relief from the hot sun heating up the interior of our vehicle, we expect cool air to come out of the vents. Unfortunately over the winter months the air conditioning system can lose its charge or an electrical malfunction may occur. Sometimes seals or parts wear out, allowing the freon to leak or a pressure switch can malfunction, preventing the compressor from operating. Whatever the case may be, our highly experienced technicians can locate and repair your problem to get you back to comfortable driving in the summer heat.

Why do my brakes squeal?

Brake pad engineers tell us all brakes make noise but the trick is to keep it below what the human ear can hear. When your brakes are loud enough for you to hear there are many reasons for this. Brake noise comes from the brake pad or shoe vibrating. Vibration is allowed from weak hardware and/or lack of lubrication of the pad or shoe contact areas where they are mounted. A proper brake service, when pads and shoes are replaced, should always include replacing the hardware that weakens over time.  This is due to the heat that is generated naturally from the friction of braking. Sometimes the wrong pad or shoe material is installed and it is too hard which causes squeal.  Our professional technicians can determine the best course of action to return your vehicle to smooth and quiet braking!