Your check engine light can come on for many reasons.  It can come on for something serious, like a possible engine or transmission problem to something minor, such as a loose gas cap.  The video helps to explain that “pulling a code” is much like using a thermometer.  It tells you that you have a fever, but why do you have a fever? The codes that are retrieved give the symptom, (the fever), but what is the cause of the problem? The important thing is to have a trained technician diagnose the problem. Our technicians at Framerite have the training, experience and expertise to diagnose the cause of your check engine light.

A flashing check engine light is telling you that severe damage can occur if you continue to drive the car.  This must be evaluated immediately.

We are your complete car care center and are ready to help.  Give us a call if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

Watch this short video for additional information.

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